Rachel Lee Dreher, Esq.

Attorney at Law


collection law

Collections and repossessions, while a necessary business function, do not contribute to the growth, and is not the best use of your time. They are complex and time consuming and all too often when you turn the work over to a collection agency, you still end up juggling details.

The Law Firm of Rachel Dreher supervises a team dedicated to creditor collections. We control every aspect of the collections and repossession process. We are a private law firm dedicated to the collection of your outstanding receivables.  The firm is able to handle accounts of all sizes and at any stage of delinquency.  Our clients receive individualized attention that specifically addresses their needs.  The goal of our firm is to professionally collect your outstanding receivables as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We handle creditor collections across the states of New York and Florida serving the needs of a variety of small and medium-sized businesses.

When your company needs help securing assets owed to you, contact The Law Firm of Rachel Lee Dreher for prompt, professional service. We handle most collections on a contingency fee basis.

How do we meet the needs of our clients?

·         A specific individual will be responsible for handling the collection process of the accounts that your company places with our firm.  We strive to offer the utmost personalized attention.

·         Each of our collection agents is knowledgeable about the collection process and can easily answer any questions that you may have.

·         Our agents are trained and knowledgeable on the requirements set forth under FDCPA.

·         We will handle the entire collection process; we immediately send out letters that notify the delinquent account holder that the account has been placed with our firm.  We will regularly attempt to contact the delinquent account holder via the telephone.

·         Our agents are professionally trained in communicating with the delinquent account holders and will attempt to salvage a business relationship in effort to collect on the outstanding debt.

·         In the event that we feel it is in your best interest to refer the account to our litigation department, we will consult with you as to what you think is the best approach on collecting the delinquent account.  Our experienced in-house attorney will be able to provide each client with a variety of viable options to collect on the outstanding debt.

Full Service Creditor Collections

As a New York and Florida creditor's rights lawyer, The Law Firm of Rachel Lee Dreher provides regular reporting and progressive disbursements and tracks interest on every judgment. Few firms do that. Contact our law offices to discuss our collection services that include the following:

  • Perform credit reports, people locators, and asset locators for each unpaid file
  • Make payment arrangements with debtors including workout agreements
  • Negotiate settlement agreements
  • Make all required demands on the debtor
  • Process wage executions and garnishments, bank executions, property executions, and judgment liens
  • Represent lenders/creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Insure that employer's pay the proper amount on wage executions