Rachel Lee Dreher, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Family Law


The Law Firm of Rachel Lee Dreher has the resources, experience, and presence necessary to resolve both simple and complex divorce matters in a timely, cost-effective manner. Divorce and separation are sometimes highly emotional and contentious issues that can quickly degenerate into bitter situations if not handled competently by an attorney who understands the law and workings of the court system. Ours is a reputable firm assisting clients throughout New York and Florida on all issues related to divorce, separation, and family law:

Spousal Support
Child Custody
Child Support
Abuse/Neglect Hearings
Equitable Distribution of Assets
Asset Protection
Debt Allocation
Post-Judgment Issues: Modification / Enforcement of Decrees
Emergency Orders
Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders
Uncontested Divorce: Drafting, Review and Filing of Documentation

Rachel Lee Dreher takes pride in the personal, one-to-one attention each client receives. Our Divorce and Family Law practice is based on clear communication, frequent updates, prompt answers to inquiries, and prompt return of client phone calls. Rachel Lee Dreher is approachable and dedicated to ensuring that all clients understand their rights and options before they make decisions that could affect their finances, their children, or their future.
We place great value on property settlement agreements or other out-of-court solutions as an alternative to litigation in the courts, whenever possible. An agreement developed with the input of both parties will generally be more flexible and reduce the bad feelings resulting from a court-imposed order, thus reducing the possibly of disputes in the future. We are, however, experienced family litigators who know the New York and Florida courts and can respond quickly and decisively to protect your interests at all levels of the family court system.