Rachel Lee Dreher, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Real Estate


The Law Firm of Rachel Lee Dreher represents buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of a home or a business / commercial property, as well as lender representation in the transaction. We provide real estate closing services, as well as real estate litigation services in New York and Florida.

If you are seeking seasoned, professional, prompt legal service for your real estate purchase, or need help resolving a real estate dispute, contact our firm.

Residential Real Estate

Timely service is critical to the purchase or sale of a home. Our real estate team ensures that residential real estate clients receive prompt and timely service, and a quick response to all calls, clear communication is essential to ensure that our clients understand the steps of the process, the timeline for the purchase, and all pre-closing requirements. Negotiations regarding price adjustments due to problems discovered in home inspections are handled professionally in consultation with the client. Thoroughness and absolute accuracy are required to close the deal. We ensure that each party in the transaction has completed the legal, banking, and contractual steps necessary to secure a binding and problem-free transaction. We accomplish every legal task your transaction requires.

  • Drafting of purchase agreements
  • Rendering of title policies
  • Quiet title actions to clear up title challenges
  • Real estate closing services with completion of all paperwork, loan payoffs together and all property transfer documentation

Commercial Real Estate

Our firm works with a variety of commercial clients on the purchase and sale of commercial properties and like-kind exchanges. We provide real estate transaction and real estate litigation services, including the following:

  • Draft or due diligence review of buy-sell agreements and construction contracts
  • Review of title and closing documents
  • Structure and facilitate land acquisition, 1031 exchanges, and conveyance
  • Response to environmental property issues
  • Assistance in compliance with lender requirements